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Mail: you might be interested in this&body=I'm getting this weekly nutritional VIDEO from my Biotics distributor and I thought you might be interested, check it out. Click on the link that follows. Let me know what you think. Once you get to the web site, click on the link at the top that says 'sign-up' if you want to start getting these once a week, you can always cancel later... and it's free. Simple Headache Treatments
With Dramatic Results

Tablespoon An Hour Technique

1Tblsp Biomega-3™ Liquid per hour for 3 hours.

High levels of omega-3 fatty acids can have dramatic anti-inflammatory effects.

Too high dosage too fast may cause diarrhea.

Breathing In A Paper Bag Technique

Rebreathing 7 or 8 breaths in a paper bag.

Pain reduction indicates the citric acid cycle is not making enough CO2.

Breathing effect is temporary.

Taste test to identify nutrients that enhance the citric acid cycle.


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