135   Flu Shot Alternatives
136   New Cholesterol Approach: Size DOES Matter
137   Immune Science Exploding
138   Test Every Patient For Vitamin D
139   Two New Pain & Inflammation Tools
140   The Dangers Of Discount Store Supplements
141   Anti-Anxiety Peptide Discovered In Milk
142   Patient Dry Skin Exam
143   Simple Ways To Improve Patient Compliance
144   Try This... When Basic Gut Fixes Don’t Work
145   Use This With Every Chronic Health Challenge
146   pH Too Acidic... Try Bone Soup
147   Sinusitis... Try This Strategy
148   Pre- & Post-Operative Nutrient Considerations
149   Butyric Acid Delivers Powerful Bowel Benefits
150   Evaluate Small Intestine Health In Seconds
151   Elevated Triglycerides
152   Stopping Joint Pain
153   A New Vitamin K Product Bio-K Forte for Biotics
154   When Trusted Protocols Don’t Work
155   Chiropractic For Hypertension... It Works
156   Deceptive Drug Numbers... Understanding Relative Risk
157   Activating “Health” Genes For A Longer, Healthier Life
158   Menopause Symptom Relief Without Hormones
160   Radiation: A Wellness Perspective
161   Female Infertility: A Wellness Approach
159   Autoimmune Disease On The Rise
162   A Wellness Approach To Periodontal Disease
163   Boosting Brain Power
164   Prostate Cancer: Early Detection & Support
165   Autoimmune Updates:  Two Eye Opening Pearls
166   Chiropractic Identity & Pull-Through Marketing
167   Nutrient Deficiencies & Lower Back Pain Relief
168   New GABA Product Support For Anxiety, Panic, Overwhelmed
169   What Your Female Patients Should Know About Osteoporosis
170   Magnesium: A Crash Course
171   Acid Blockers: What Patients Need To Know
172   Healthy Pain Reduction
173   Another Way To Look At Thyroid Malfunctions
174   From Fatigued... To Fantastic
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175   Therapeutic Thyroid Evaluation
176   Nutrients Depleted By Drugs
177   Monitoring pH For Optimal Health
178   Increasing Cellular Oxygen
179   Improve Elderly Strength & Physical Performance
180   Relative Acidic Imbalance & New Potassium Guidelines
181   Unique Weight Loss Strategy
182   Monitoring Inflammation Key To Living Well
183   Enhance Immunity Before Cold & Flu Season
184   Up Vitamin D Levels By 56.7%
185   Five-Point Strategy For PMS
186   Ask Your Patients To Take The Zinc Taste Test
187   ED... Marker For Vascular Aging
188   Therapeutic Values of Vitamin A
189   Holiday Remorse... 3-Step Detox
190   Strategy For Preventing Cognitive Decline
191   Asthma... Triggers & Treatment
192   Cancer & pH
193   Simple In-Office pH Test
194   Incredible Exercise Study
195   Fibromyalgia
196   Consider This For Edema or Glaucoma
197   Try This For Breakfast... It’s Alive!
198   N-acetylcysteine!
199   Your Body’s Many Cries For Water
200   Vitamin B6 Deficiency
201   Consider B12 Deficiency When Treating Elderly Clients
202   Immune Palpation Technique
203   Helping Patients With Anxiety
204   What’s The Best Form of CoQ10? Ubiquinone Or Ubiquinol
205   Tregs Dampen Immune Response
206   Tough Case? Think Liver
207   Boosting Sexual Health, Naturally For Him... And For Her
208   Free Antioxidants: Earthing
209   Lowering Blood Sugar
210   Managing NSAID Related Side Effects
211   Mitrochondrial Dysfunction
212   Easy In-Office Test For Pain
213   Practical Summer Therapies
214   VasculoSirt
215   Reduce Recovery Time By 50%
216   To Reduce Joint Pain... Restore Gut Health
217   Clinical Pearls For Glaucoma & Fluid Buildup
218   Enhancing Kidney Function
219   Stearic Acid... Is It Safe?
220   Use The Clorox Sniff Test To Check Antioxidant Status
221   Putting Wellness Into Practice
222   Radically Improve Sleep
223   The Vitamin C Flush
224   Don’t Wait… Diabetic Screening
225   IBS Clinical Success Story
226   Are you ready for Roundup
227   Vitamin B6 Deficiency
228   A Simple In-Office Test To Identify Folate Deficiency
229   Osteoporosis:  What Your Female Patients Should Know
230   Immune Boosting: Flu Shot Alternative
231   Precautionary Measures When Traveling Abroad
233   Patient Dry Skin Exam
232   Arsenic In Rice:  What To Do
234   Systemic Inflammation & Dietary AGEs
235   Holiday Remorse… 3-Step Detox
236   Time To Set New Goals
237   Identify Specific Patient Inflammation Triggers
238   In-Office Tissue Mineral Test
239   Nutrient Deficiencies & Lower Back Pain Relief

With Joe Buishas, CCN, LDN

Tuesday Minute Archive

240   Depression:  A Inflammatory Condition
241   Up Vitamin D Levels By 56.7%
244   Diabetes + Obesity = Diabesity
242   Saccharomyces Boulardii A Probiotic Yeast
243   Magnesium: A Crash Course
245   Calcium Abnormalities
246   Berberine HCl: New Weapon For Obesity & Diabetes
248   GABA Support For Anxiety, Panic, Overwhelmed
249   Healthy Allergy Relief
247  “Mini Detox” Gets Better Patient Compliance
  98   Shocking Facts... About So-Called Good Food
125   When Addressing The Thyroid, Check The Adrenals
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132   UT Complex™ - Urinary Tract Support
134   The Value Of Insulin & Blood Sugar Regulation
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124   High Fructose Corn Syrup
128   Two “Stop Snoring” Therapies
131   A Simple In-Office CO2 Test
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