Dr. Alex Vasquez

The Science of Optimizing Health

A Five-Part Nutritional Wellness Protocol That Produces Consistently Positive Results

Implementing The Five-Part Nutritional Wellness Protocol for the Treatment of Various Health Problems

The following article is for Doctors. Dr. Vasquez  highlights 5 case histories of patients who were either beyond medication or would have been thrown into lifelong medication cycles. It builds on the 5 part Nutritional Wellness protocol and shows you how to incorporate other testing into the wellness protocol. This program should be standard of care for any chronic illness and will encourage you on wellness strategies you have employed with your patients.

A 5-part Nutritional Wellness Protocol 11.pdf Implementing the Five-Part Nutritional Wellness Protocol.pdf

The following article by Alex Vasquez DC, ND, DO is for your patients. It summarizes for them the basic things everyone in America should be doing as a daily preventative and therapeutic program. Dr. Vasquez supplies ample scientific evidence for patients to maintain a long term program. Remember nutrients are necessary to turn on and off genes that will enhance health or encourage the disease process. Some doctors may not want to go deeply into nutritional therapeutics however this 5 point strategy will go a long way to regenerate health.